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You are on the legendary 123movies.gdn website, which for forced reasons was offline for 4 years. Now it is beginning a new history of its existence - so add 123movies.gdn to your bookmarks and do not forget to visit us regularly for new films and the amazing convenience of the service!

Today, more and more people are choosing online cinemas for their convenience, time savings and a large selection of films for simple or the most demanding tastes. One such cinema is the 123Movies platform, which offers modern movies and TV shows in HD quality. This platform is a real godsend for film fans who would like to get acquainted with the masterpieces of cinema at home, on a cozy sofa, rather than buying movie tickets every week. Let's tell you more about the capabilities of this site.

What kind of movies can you watch on 123Movies?

The general answer is very different. Here are action and adventure films that young people and men love so much, soap operas and rom-coms that girls wouldn`t mind watching alone, with girlfriends or in an embrace with their boyfriend.

Do you like something scary? Then the platform offers a large selection of horror and intense thrillers, the plot of which will plunge you into the abyss of fear, darkness and hopelessness (such films rarely have a happy ending, but this has its own charm).

But for real gourmets, the site has archhouses and auteur films that have many meanings. It is sometimes difficult to understand them, but this gives another reason to reflect on the plot and analyze the actions of the characters.

If you prefer simpler and lighter stories, pay attention to comedies. The portal presents new films and timeless classics, including films with subtle English humor for intellectuals and comedies with black humor that may shock newcomers.

123Movies has a variety of quality documentaries covering scientific discoveries, historical mysteries, space and wildlife. Do you want to always be aware of something new? Don't miss new documentaries with high-quality graphics and full translations.

Finally, the portal has many TV shows, both for several episodes and multi-episode versions, which can be watched for months (this is especially true for Turkish TV shows about love). Comedies, detective stories and melodramas will make you watch episode after episode, now you can do it before bed, in a cozy environment.

Wide range of features 123Movies

The website has a link to a convenient application that can be downloaded on Android. This is a suitable option for those who prefer to watch videos from their phone, as well as download them and watch them without the Internet (for example, on a train or plane, in any place where there may be connection problems).

Movies and TV shows come with subtitles that you can turn on and off as you wish, and you can select the language within the subtitles themselves. This method makes it even more comfortable to watch TV shows in the original.

Advantages of the 123Movies portal

The advantages of this site include the following:

  • Minimum advertising. There are small ad blocks that you can quickly turn off before pressing the player button. You can also turn off advertising completely in the application.
  • The site is free to use; there is no need to subscribe, link bank cards or phone number.
  • Regular updating of categories. New films appear here every day, hurry up and watch them!
  • The ability to share your favorite video with friends on social networks; for this there is a corresponding button at the top of the player. Sharing interesting movies will bring you even closer, and you will always have ideas on what to watch today.
  • All videos are presented in HD quality, but if you wish, you can change the quality settings (for example, if your Internet connection speed is low).
  • Ability to add videos that interest you to the folder with favorite films. This way you won't lose what you would like to watch later in your free time.
  • A convenient application that can be quickly downloaded to your smartphone or TV. Films on this portal can also be watched on the big screen.
  • The page also presents popular films that have a high rating, as well as new releases recently released in cinemas.
  • All content is available completely free, you don't need to get a subscription, enter your bank card or e-wallet number. Just press the player button and enjoy watching.
  • You can appreciate the image and special effects thanks to the high HD video quality. Movies will be quite comfortable to watch on the big screen. If your Internet speed leaves much to be desired, you can lower the quality in the player functionality to watch movies or TV shows without brakes.
  • The developers have created for you a modern and convenient application for Android, in which you can also watch movies (download speed here is slightly faster), and the application has no ads at all!
  • To use most of the features of the portal will not require registration. In any case, all your personal data will be under reliable protection.
  • Ability to download videos and watch content with subtitles (you can turn them on and off at your discretion).

Our official site 123Movies is one of the best online movie theaters with a rich selection of movies and a comfortable interface for everyone.

Security of 123movies

The safety of our portal users is the cornerstone of the service's policy. Let's list what we do to make you feel completely safe:

      SSL 256 bit encryption of transmitted data - all data that goes from the server to the visitor and back is securely encrypted, and therefore cannot be intercepted by outsiders.
      We do not store cookies - thus no collection of device footprints or personal data of users.
      We do not require you to register on 123movies - therefore we do not even recognize your personal email. The entire service is provided as is in its entirety with no restrictions.
      123movies servers are located in an offshore jurisdiction, which increases the probability of traffic tracking by local authorities to a minimum.
      All content of the service is regularly checked by Kaspersky, 360 Total Security, Malwarebytes, Comodo, Dr. Web antiviruses for vulnerabilities.

Who is behind 123movies

This service, which is largely a charity, is created by enthusiasts from India, USA and other countries of the world. The service is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Our exact address is A-10, A Block, Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India. Look for SDG Software India Pvt Ltd.

Many selections on 123movies were created with the participation of the famous film critic Anupama Chopra, in particular, selections of the best movies by year and by genre.

The concept of free internet is very close to us, that's why we believe that services like 123movies are the holders of that uncensored and free spirit of the internet, where all content is free for all users, without restrictions.

If you have any suggestions, you can send them to our address - [email protected].